All deliverables aren’t created equal and that’s okay.  Sometimes you just want the data, sometimes you need something a bit fancier.  Either way, our deliverables are designed to meet your needs for instant application and effective merchandising in your organization.  We believe there’s a Right Way to Share insights to make sure they’re used.  Let your organization benefit from the great work you’ve done.  You deserve it.

You spend a lot of money on research. Unfortunately far too many reports end up being D.O.A. Good content, but no effective way to deliver the results. All that work down the drain because your organization isn’t internalizing the insights and acting on your recommendations.

U30’s Visual Deliverables make your life easier. Everyone loves a good story. One that – through the combination of charts, images, verbatims and U30’s own commentary – really brings insights to life.

Of course you’re busy. You don’t have time to wait for the full PowerPoint report. But you need more than Tabs and a debrief.

Tabs don’t ooze “cool”. But sometimes they’re exactly what you need. They just take a little effort to love. Some clients want to dig deep into the details, some don’t. If you find that you enjoy the thrill of the dig, our data tables may be all you need.

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