The best participants in the world do you absolutely no good if they’re not engaged the right way.  We believe in the importance of putting study participants in the Right Context by engaging consumers closer to where they interact with your brands.  Then we develop the Right Assignments to get them thinking.  Our commitment to these two “Rights” can uncover insights that truly make a difference for your brand.  Focus groups can be great.  So can online surveys. But in many cases, they’re not enough.  We use a mix of traditional and custom approaches to get the answers and insights you need, by creating authentic interactions.  The closer we get, the stronger your insights.

It’s very important to put consumers in the Right Context.  And it’s just as important to give them the Right Assignments.  Even if a group of participants looks rather homogenous, they may approach what’s asked of them quite differently.  Some are left brain, others are more right.  Our assignments encourage thoughtfulness and thoroughness - no matter which way your brain works best.

We put as much thought into what we ask as we do how we ask it.  Each assignment is designed to achieve a specific aspect of the objective.  And all assignments are designed to work together to paint vivid pictures in full color.  No assignment is too extreme or too small to keep us from answering your questions. 

And because of our strong heritage in setting expectations while recruiting, participants will do some amazing things for us.  They’ll journal, take pictures, scrapbook, invite us into their homes for a day, wear spy glasses, and even give up a product they love for a month.  The assignments are fun and sometimes challenging.  The results can be astounding. 

 Consumer Market Research Segmentation Through consumer segmentation we achieve a specific aspect of your overall objective. Participants do amazing things for us. The results can be astounding.